Mobile Version

If you want to use this Spotmap on your Iphone or Android, just follow these 3 Steps!

This is how it works:

  • STEP 1: You need to install an App on your phone.

       Iphone: Get this App, called „My Pins“ Unfortunately it costs 2,69€

        It also works now with the official „Google Maps“ App! Its for Free!

       Android: Get this App, called „My Maps“ Its for Free!


  • STEP 2: IMPORTANT! I have to release the Map for your personal Google account! Or else the Spotmap won’t show up in your App. So you have to send me your „Google account email address“                                                                                                           (Send me your email address in a Personal Massage on Facebook)
  • STEP 3: If that worked the „Vienna Skatespots“ link should appear in the side menu of the App. And you’re ready to go!

Iphone example:

„My Pins“ App:


„Google Maps“ App:

app screenshot official


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